Issues in District I

The Houston Crime Lab

17,000 untested rape kits is an appalling reminder that justice is not a priority at City Hall. As a woman and a mother of two daughters, I am shocked by the possibility of murderers and serial rapists roaming our streets. Victims of violent crimes such as rape cannot heal while their attackers are free. I will loudly and fervently pursue a solution to this issue.

The Rain Tax

Houston’s drainage fee represents the biggest tax increase in Houston’s history. This tax hits people—especially poor people—in three ways:

1. It adds to monthly expenses at a time when families’ dollars are already being stretched to the limit

2. It adds to the cost of doing business, which will ultimately lead to higher priced goods and services

3. Employers may not be able to afford raises or add benefits for their employees

The City has already thrown money at the flooding issue. Where did that money go? Some level of accountability should be demanded from the City when it comes to spending. It is not a question of whether we need to spend money to improve drainage; it is a matter of whether it is being done properly.

A Better Business Environment

Businesses are leaving Houston, but they are not moving very far away. They have found it easier to exist right outside the city limits. Houston must compete with other cities to attract new businesses and industries. The more diversified our business environment, the better we will do in slow economic times. I will work with small businesses to make the economic environment more equitable for them, the city, and ultimately the citizens of Houston.

Homeowners’ Rights

One of our greatest joys is owning a home. I will work to get rid of the City’s ability to force homeowners to give control of their homes to an unelected, unaccountable board of appointees. The look, feel, and character of a community belong to the community, not to City Hall.

The Voice of the People

I will respect the will of the people. No exceptions. I believe in the phrase that is on display in the City Council Chamber: The People Are The City. District I historically has a 10 to 11 percent voter turn-out. It’s important that we increase these numbers. I will work with community leaders to address the low voter turnout so that the will of the people becomes clear and decision making at City Hall becomes more equitable.