Biography of Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza

Leticia Gutierrez Ablaza was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Her parents were migrant farm workers who lived in a small community in a house with dirt floors. During the picking season, the whole family would move to California and then back to Mexico.

After gaining permanent entry to the United States, Leticia’s family moved to Houston and settled in District I. She attended Southmayde Elementary School, Deady Middle School, and Milby High School. She then studied at Houston Community College and later at the University of St. Thomas, where she graduated with honors.

Having majored in finance and minored in economics and international business, she began working in the financial services industry and later became a fraud analyst. Leticia eventually decided to put her career on hold to be with her children. She and her husband, Joe Ablaza, live in a home in Glenbrook Valley in District I with their children, Zoe, Helena, and Lucas.

Leticia has worked tirelessly in the community in her free time. Her volunteer work includes the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Park Place Elementary, bilingual services to Spanish speakers, Partner in Hope for St. Jude’s Hospital, mentoring young college students, and visiting the elderly in her neighborhood.

Most recently, Leticia spearheaded the fight against the current District I representative and the city administration who together forced historic district status on Glenbrook Valley against the wishes of its residents.